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Sakib Ahamed

(MInf) Master of Informatics Student @ The University of Edinburgh

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I am a penultimate year Informatics master’s student specialising in Artificial Intelligence (mostly Machine Learning). I believe that this will give me the potential to have the greatest positive impact on society. I am conducting my honours project on AI Vision for Social Good: Detection of DeepFake Videos (expected to publish late 2021). I currently work part-time as an SQA Engineer at NetAI (Intelligent Network Slicing for 5G) and a ML Engineer at Eczamine (Eczema Severity Classification/Prediction) I have prior experience in industries involving financial technology and banking software. I have acquired over two years of real-world experience in an agile development environment and proficiency in multiple programming languages. I work well under pressure and have a love for mathematics and problem-solving. I am interested in Machine Learning and its applications for the betterment of society. Outside of work I enjoy hitting the gym, playing badminton, hiking and occasionally (if I'm *really* lucky with the weather) skydiving.


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Edinburgh, Scotland
+44 7722003633